Jubug Jar Rack

jar rack  These jars are such a great space saver. I’ve got all my bulk pantry put into a small overhang separating the kitchen and living room. Such an amazing space saver. We looked at building a shelf to place the jars into, but the overhang wasn’t big enough.  Thus, this invention was born.  These are all 1/2 gallon jars filled with things such as popcorn seeds, dried lemons, oats, lavender, chili peppers, chickpeas, dried milk, pinto beans, pink beans, etc, etc, etc.jar rack

The jars rea quite sturdy.  We’ve had it up there for three years and have never dropped a jar or had one fall.  I’ve had a couple close calls but nothing to worry me about them dropping down.  The first year they were up, it made me nervous to stand underneath them but over the test of time, it continually surprises me how sturdy they are.



The ends of the shelf are structured as such.  It’s not beautiful in a “hand craft” kind of way.  But once you fill those jars up… beauty is in the eye of the owner-of-a-small-kitchen!ring and screws

We used two 1/2″ screws to screw in the lid cap.  And to keep the ring from turning, we superglued the lids to the rings.  They help up their end of the bargain!under shot

It is really tripy to sit under a jar of chick peas… so stay here a few moments and get comfortable… once you can handle that, you’re half way there to building one for yourself.

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