Roasted Potatoes and Thyme


Perfectly roasted potatoes!

apple slicerI’ll start by going backwards.  Do you own a apple slicer such as this?  If not, they aren’t very expensive and I’ve even found a few at garage sales.  This one in particular was from a garage sale.  Make sure to always rinse them off immediately after you use and shake it around to get the water off as best as you can.  My last slicer rusted up very quickly from being in water too much.

IMG_5429Now we’ll start at the beginning.  Use smaller’ish potatoes.  I’ve got a russet here, but any kind of potato will do.  If you want to take the skin off, skip the next step but I would highly recommend keeping the skin on.  It get’s nice and crunchy and also helps keep the potato from falling apart.

unscrewSee this little screw?  Unscrew it.  That will remove the peeler feature and thus your potato will only be sliced.

removedOnce removed, it should look a little like this.

sliceProceed to slicing those spuds.  It helped to place my hand at the tip so the spud would stay together and not break apart.

spudPlace in your pan all in-tacked.  I got a fork to help remove the potato from the spiky thing so the center would remain inside the swirl.  Make sure to not launch spuds across your counters and into deep spider web hole like I did the first one.  “Eww!” followed by a slight depression.  But I learned and the next one was successful.

Once they’re all assembled and ready to bake, put a little dollop of butter (I even gave them a little Olive oil sprinkle as well) salt and pepper.  Cover with some dry italian herbs and fresh thyme.  Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for roughly 45 minutes, or until the skins are nice and crisp.

It makes for a heavenly side dish!

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