Tapioca Glitter Collage


     Never, in all my years of mothering, have I ever liked a substance known to the common world as GLITTER!  It’s evil and should only be bought by responsible people with amazing hand-eye coordination.  The last time we had glitter usage in this house, my Dotty asked, opened, and immediately spilled gold sparkles ALL OVER my living room floor.  In only 10 seconds it looked like a Gnome and Tinkerbell had wrestled in my house.  So I have vowed to never allow that kind of mystical hooligan to romp where I am until I’ve reached the point of feeling somewhat sane.  I’m still recovering from toddler years and I don’t know how long it’s gonna take.  For now, here’s my approach to filling in those spaces in our hearts that need glitter.


  • dry tapioca noodles
  • gel food coloring
  • tacky glue
  • card stock paper
  • sharpie
  • paint brush’s
  • plastic baggy’s
  • toothpicks
  • weird Grover finger puppet (optional)


Place about 1/3 cup of noodles in a plastic baggy.  Very carefully, use a toothpick to dispense a dab of food coloring gel into the bag with the noodles.  For small hands I tied the top so nothing escaped.  Now rub so that all the noodles have coloring all over them.  It doesn’t take much gel to create a very vibrant color.  Once they’re done, pour into small bowls or store for later use.

They store indefinitely.


 These were the colors we decided on.  It’s a nice color pallet I thought.

sharpiesSharpies make great drawing pens and the kids love the feeling of drawing with them.  But I’m a risk taker and my table’s old.  Usually we put down mats for messy crafts but these little balls roll everywhere.  So after the craft time, I do a good sweep.  They sweep up just fine.  Unlike my nemesis, the glitter, that creeps in all the cracks of my old wood floors.

bowl-of-tackyglueFill a small dish of tacky glue.  We went through quite a lot, so be generous.

brushWhen brushing on, keep the glue really thick so the noodles can squish in.  The more noodles the more colorful the collage.  Your hands will get a little messy from the coloring.  But it washed right off for us.

glue-your-noodleReally pack in the noodles.  After they’re all stuck, funnel them back into the bowl to get rid of the loose ones.

more-noodles-to-glueWe used both white card stock and some previously water colored paper.  I don’t know which I like better?

sharpieMake sure to sign your work.


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