Rubber Band Bracelet

DottyThis post is brought to you buy my 7yr-old, Dotty.  She’s such a creative chic!  Some mornings I’ll wake up to her creativity spread out all over our kitchen table and deep in artsy-meditation with paper shreds all around her.  Today she found some extra fat rubber bands.  Our home policy for crafts is very loose.  As long as they clean up, they can do most anything that’s offered (paint and glitter excluded).  I think it teaches them great responsibilities while letting those creative juices flow.  I’ve taken away using stamp and ink pad privileges if they don’t ask or don’t follow the guide lines of craft mats underneath their work.  “Just ask” is a very common phrase out of my mouth.  And if things are knocked over, a calm “clean it up” phrase is said and THEY clean up the mess (as best they can anyways).  So the rubber bands were chosen and the crafting will commence!

gold scrollingShe found a gold pen, which has proven to not stay on very well.  If she’d have used a sharpie instead it would have worked great.

First she started making the gold scrolling all around.

black sharpieOnce the gold scrolling was done, she filled the rest in with the black sharpie.  And notice the cleaver use of a “knee-mat”.

 That’s my girl!

go girl powerShe made one for each of her sister with initials to tell them apart.  And then a club of sisterhood was declared!!



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