Repurposed Sheets and Fort Kits


Our home is small.  Back in the 40’s when it was built, I’m sure it was considered a decent size.  And even after a bedroom and larger bathroom addition, I bet they thought it was grand.  But when you put three kids and their parents, a dog, and two home businesses into 700 square feet, you get some very tight moments.  I’ve tried to section off the house when I’m working.  The kids can play in this area, and as long as they clean up, they can do pretty much any crazy imaginational play they want.  The routine has been to play school time, craft time, snack time, ninja sneaking/ballerina dancing time, and fort time in that order.

fort play

And almost always forts are the hardest thing to clean up.  Tears!  Tears ensue because of all the work putting it up and their expectations of sleeping in it for the night.  I never said they could sleep in it, mind you, it’s just those high hopes.

fort kit bag

So my high hopes this year was to make them a fort kit.  It was such an easy process to sew Tshirt yarn ties to the ends of sheets, I started making more and using up my vintage fabric stash.  I’ve got an etsy shop and I thought I’d test the waters to see if they’d sell (which they’re selling wonderfully).  So here’s my shameless plug for my shop, or if you’re so inclined, inspiration to put a kit together yourself.  It’s been very worth it for our tiny home.


The idea of repurposing sheets to be used in kid play makes my heart happy!


Make un-awesome shoes awesome.

fabric painted shoes  If you’re got a pair of un-awesome shoes, perhaps consider this:

Making them awesome!

My daughter had a pair of worn out fabric shoes that had paint stains all over them.  The tips were separating from the rubber sole and they looked so shabby.  So this project wasn’t much of a risk, ‘cuz if we didn’t like it, they’d just get thrown away anyhow.  But thankfully we’re both quite happy with the end results.  The red makes them pop and the hand drawn details make it personal.


fabric paint

paint brush


Un-awesome fabric shoes

un-awesome shoesHow to:

Paint the entire shoe with fabric paint.  Tape off any of the shoe where you don’t want paint.  Or run the risk, like I did, and just paint very carefully.  You can always sharpie over mistakes later.  Let it dry and put on one or two more coats.  Allow to dry completely.  Once dry, begin the best part, doodling!!  The sharpie works wonderfully.  Make sure whatever your create can be re-created on the other shoe as well.  Have fun being awesome!

red shoes waiting to be doodled on

This idea was inspired by The Hidden Seed.  Thank you Elsita!



Chocolate Pumpkin Latte

pumpkin spice latte   This is the beginning of those cold fall mornings.  It’s going to be a whole new season for me and I’m facing it by hiding behind  MarthaStewart.  There are comfort zone’s we’ve all created around ourselves and once outside those it’s…umm… less comfortable.  So if I can do these little things to help keep myself connected with the homey side I love, it’ll be that much more… uhhh… comfortable.  So here’s my fall tummy warmer: the Chocolate Pumpkin Latte (it’s really more of a coffee drink than a latte, but it’ll save me $3.50, so ya!)


Chocolate Pumpkin Latte

2 C. Soy/Almond/Cow/Goat milk

2 C. Super strong coffee

1.5 oz Cocoa chocolate disc (such as IBarra or even better Tazo chocolate/chili bar)

4 Tbs. Light brown sugar

1/4 tsp. cinnamon oil

2 Tbs. Pumpkin puree

Blend all ingredients, except the milk, together in a blender.  You can either add milk and warm on stove top or place in a jar with the milk and keep in fridge ’till ready to warm each morning.  Makes about 4-5 cups.

pumpkin latte ingredients