Daddy and His Silhouette

The sillouhette of my dad is very comforting to me.  I find even the most subtle details of my dad’s face so familiar.  That mustache has been there since I was a babe.  Ever now and then he’ll grow a hunting beard but the mustache is a permanent fixture.  He gets told how young he looks quite often, so I think he combats it with some hair under the nose.  The glasses are new and they are now the “grandpa” part of his face.  The HAIR!  My dad has more hair that Conan and wears it with so much more grace.  He always has a comb in his back pocket and could be seen constantly doing the greasers comb stroke (minus the grease).  This was, by far, one of my most favorite projects I’ve ever done.  And it turned out so perfect for him.

Love you, Dad!

the papa

Begin by printing out a picture of your loved one.  Making the size to be as large or small as you want the silhouette to be.  Trace on the face only the promonant features.  I did a couple demos, then using tracing paper over the picture to get a better idea of how the silhouette would look.  I tried one with the glasses and without.  Also I did a couple different ways to trace the nose.  Once you’ve got the silhouette how you want it, trace it onto freezer paper.  Use a sharpie to give you strong black lines to trace ‘cuz the freezer paper’s a little thick.


Use an exato knife or very tiny pointy scissors to cut out the black in your silhouette.  Make sure to keep those tiny pieces that are not attached to your picture whole. (such as the inside of the glasses)


Once all cut, with your iron on high, press the freezer paper onto the shirt making sure to keep it center and keeping the shiny side down.  It’s a one chance thing, ‘cuz after that first ironing it can’t be pulled back up and re-ironed.  Iron on the little details.  They can trick you, so make sure that shiny side is down.  I always go slow at this point and take my time.  After all that work cutting this baby out, I don’t want to have to do it again.

painting the silhouette

Taking fabric paint, stroke the paint on.  If you’re too rough it can bleed under the wax seal that the freezer paper creates.  So go slow and stroke inward and not against the edges.  I use the paint to create thicker strokes to give the hair and mustache texture.  Mustaches MUST have texture!  I also cut out letters that said ‘I make “Grandpa” look good!’

He’s got any Ron Swanson beat!!





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