Our Waldorf School


My kids are an inspiration to me!  Every step in this exhausting parenthood process is so full of inspiration, it’s exhausting!

Waldorf chalk boards

I’m so very thankful to our school.  It’s a Waldorf Inspired Public Charter (which there are not enough of them in this world) and it’s influence in our home was a perfect match.  Granted not all families are able to enjoy all the benefits of the Waldorf curriculum, but our family does.

bread and challah

The school requires so much art and enjoyment of natural learning from our girls that when they come home, it just oozes out of them.  In the form of paper scraps, and yard balls, and inventions, and rocks/mud/bugs/grass/stick life.

Oh the ooze!

Such a great community


I Need Color In My Home.

I’m in love with color!

embroidery     Nothing quite pushes all those happy buttons like the color wheel.  You get a perfect combination of blues, pinks, greens, yellows, and reds together and I know the Lord delights in it just as I.  The home made of mature beige and ivory is only a background in this house.  The life that bright happy colors breathe is the kinds of air I want close.  I’ll have that air in my home.

pillow wheels

And so I made a pillow.  And I will make more to come.

Because I NEED color in my home.

hand embroidery