Simple Wreath Greetings to ya!

There’s always time in each season to update my front door wreath.  I find it motivating and inspiring!  I had found these DARLING vintage lady bugs at an estate sale, which is a convenient place to find all those darling vintage somethings.  When you find these simple nothings that would seem so unimportant and make them a highlight to something important, such as a wreath on my front door, they become not nothing.  But something.

lady bug wreath

Trace a plate, guestimate how many leaves you’ve made up for how big a plate you should go for.  The plate I started with was 7 1/2 inches across and the wreath ended up being 10 1/2 inches across.   When placing the leaves on the cardboard, put a thick layer of hot glue so the leaves can sit more upright and not laying flat down.  I let the glue harden just a tiny bit, so when the paper was pressed in, they’d stand up without much babysitting.





When making the leaves, tear out a leaf type shape (mine are 1×2″), fold in the middle, then scrunch the fold.  It’s a good project to pull out when the TV’s on to make up the amount you’ll want (mine has 76 leaves but I could have used a few more to make it fuller).  The lady bugs, I just clipped the wires off, dab on hot glue and stick it on a leaf where it’s most visible and most charming.
paper leaf