Simple Wreath Greetings to ya!

There’s always time in each season to update my front door wreath.  I find it motivating and inspiring!  I had found these DARLING vintage lady bugs at an estate sale, which is a convenient place to find all those darling vintage somethings.  When you find these simple nothings that would seem so unimportant and make them a highlight to something important, such as a wreath on my front door, they become not nothing.  But something.

lady bug wreath

Trace a plate, guestimate how many leaves you’ve made up for how big a plate you should go for.  The plate I started with was 7 1/2 inches across and the wreath ended up being 10 1/2 inches across.   When placing the leaves on the cardboard, put a thick layer of hot glue so the leaves can sit more upright and not laying flat down.  I let the glue harden just a tiny bit, so when the paper was pressed in, they’d stand up without much babysitting.





When making the leaves, tear out a leaf type shape (mine are 1×2″), fold in the middle, then scrunch the fold.  It’s a good project to pull out when the TV’s on to make up the amount you’ll want (mine has 76 leaves but I could have used a few more to make it fuller).  The lady bugs, I just clipped the wires off, dab on hot glue and stick it on a leaf where it’s most visible and most charming.
paper leaf

I Need Color In My Home.

I’m in love with color!

embroidery     Nothing quite pushes all those happy buttons like the color wheel.  You get a perfect combination of blues, pinks, greens, yellows, and reds together and I know the Lord delights in it just as I.  The home made of mature beige and ivory is only a background in this house.  The life that bright happy colors breathe is the kinds of air I want close.  I’ll have that air in my home.

pillow wheels

And so I made a pillow.  And I will make more to come.

Because I NEED color in my home.

hand embroidery


Daddy and His Silhouette

The sillouhette of my dad is very comforting to me.  I find even the most subtle details of my dad’s face so familiar.  That mustache has been there since I was a babe.  Ever now and then he’ll grow a hunting beard but the mustache is a permanent fixture.  He gets told how young he looks quite often, so I think he combats it with some hair under the nose.  The glasses are new and they are now the “grandpa” part of his face.  The HAIR!  My dad has more hair that Conan and wears it with so much more grace.  He always has a comb in his back pocket and could be seen constantly doing the greasers comb stroke (minus the grease).  This was, by far, one of my most favorite projects I’ve ever done.  And it turned out so perfect for him.

Love you, Dad!

the papa

Begin by printing out a picture of your loved one.  Making the size to be as large or small as you want the silhouette to be.  Trace on the face only the promonant features.  I did a couple demos, then using tracing paper over the picture to get a better idea of how the silhouette would look.  I tried one with the glasses and without.  Also I did a couple different ways to trace the nose.  Once you’ve got the silhouette how you want it, trace it onto freezer paper.  Use a sharpie to give you strong black lines to trace ‘cuz the freezer paper’s a little thick.


Use an exato knife or very tiny pointy scissors to cut out the black in your silhouette.  Make sure to keep those tiny pieces that are not attached to your picture whole. (such as the inside of the glasses)


Once all cut, with your iron on high, press the freezer paper onto the shirt making sure to keep it center and keeping the shiny side down.  It’s a one chance thing, ‘cuz after that first ironing it can’t be pulled back up and re-ironed.  Iron on the little details.  They can trick you, so make sure that shiny side is down.  I always go slow at this point and take my time.  After all that work cutting this baby out, I don’t want to have to do it again.

painting the silhouette

Taking fabric paint, stroke the paint on.  If you’re too rough it can bleed under the wax seal that the freezer paper creates.  So go slow and stroke inward and not against the edges.  I use the paint to create thicker strokes to give the hair and mustache texture.  Mustaches MUST have texture!  I also cut out letters that said ‘I make “Grandpa” look good!’

He’s got any Ron Swanson beat!!




Make un-awesome shoes awesome.

fabric painted shoes  If you’re got a pair of un-awesome shoes, perhaps consider this:

Making them awesome!

My daughter had a pair of worn out fabric shoes that had paint stains all over them.  The tips were separating from the rubber sole and they looked so shabby.  So this project wasn’t much of a risk, ‘cuz if we didn’t like it, they’d just get thrown away anyhow.  But thankfully we’re both quite happy with the end results.  The red makes them pop and the hand drawn details make it personal.


fabric paint

paint brush


Un-awesome fabric shoes

un-awesome shoesHow to:

Paint the entire shoe with fabric paint.  Tape off any of the shoe where you don’t want paint.  Or run the risk, like I did, and just paint very carefully.  You can always sharpie over mistakes later.  Let it dry and put on one or two more coats.  Allow to dry completely.  Once dry, begin the best part, doodling!!  The sharpie works wonderfully.  Make sure whatever your create can be re-created on the other shoe as well.  Have fun being awesome!

red shoes waiting to be doodled on

This idea was inspired by The Hidden Seed.  Thank you Elsita!



Rubber Band Bracelet

DottyThis post is brought to you buy my 7yr-old, Dotty.  She’s such a creative chic!  Some mornings I’ll wake up to her creativity spread out all over our kitchen table and deep in artsy-meditation with paper shreds all around her.  Today she found some extra fat rubber bands.  Our home policy for crafts is very loose.  As long as they clean up, they can do most anything that’s offered (paint and glitter excluded).  I think it teaches them great responsibilities while letting those creative juices flow.  I’ve taken away using stamp and ink pad privileges if they don’t ask or don’t follow the guide lines of craft mats underneath their work.  “Just ask” is a very common phrase out of my mouth.  And if things are knocked over, a calm “clean it up” phrase is said and THEY clean up the mess (as best they can anyways).  So the rubber bands were chosen and the crafting will commence!

gold scrollingShe found a gold pen, which has proven to not stay on very well.  If she’d have used a sharpie instead it would have worked great.

First she started making the gold scrolling all around.

black sharpieOnce the gold scrolling was done, she filled the rest in with the black sharpie.  And notice the cleaver use of a “knee-mat”.

 That’s my girl!

go girl powerShe made one for each of her sister with initials to tell them apart.  And then a club of sisterhood was declared!!



Tapioca Glitter Collage


     Never, in all my years of mothering, have I ever liked a substance known to the common world as GLITTER!  It’s evil and should only be bought by responsible people with amazing hand-eye coordination.  The last time we had glitter usage in this house, my Dotty asked, opened, and immediately spilled gold sparkles ALL OVER my living room floor.  In only 10 seconds it looked like a Gnome and Tinkerbell had wrestled in my house.  So I have vowed to never allow that kind of mystical hooligan to romp where I am until I’ve reached the point of feeling somewhat sane.  I’m still recovering from toddler years and I don’t know how long it’s gonna take.  For now, here’s my approach to filling in those spaces in our hearts that need glitter.


  • dry tapioca noodles
  • gel food coloring
  • tacky glue
  • card stock paper
  • sharpie
  • paint brush’s
  • plastic baggy’s
  • toothpicks
  • weird Grover finger puppet (optional)


Place about 1/3 cup of noodles in a plastic baggy.  Very carefully, use a toothpick to dispense a dab of food coloring gel into the bag with the noodles.  For small hands I tied the top so nothing escaped.  Now rub so that all the noodles have coloring all over them.  It doesn’t take much gel to create a very vibrant color.  Once they’re done, pour into small bowls or store for later use.

They store indefinitely.


 These were the colors we decided on.  It’s a nice color pallet I thought.

sharpiesSharpies make great drawing pens and the kids love the feeling of drawing with them.  But I’m a risk taker and my table’s old.  Usually we put down mats for messy crafts but these little balls roll everywhere.  So after the craft time, I do a good sweep.  They sweep up just fine.  Unlike my nemesis, the glitter, that creeps in all the cracks of my old wood floors.

bowl-of-tackyglueFill a small dish of tacky glue.  We went through quite a lot, so be generous.

brushWhen brushing on, keep the glue really thick so the noodles can squish in.  The more noodles the more colorful the collage.  Your hands will get a little messy from the coloring.  But it washed right off for us.

glue-your-noodleReally pack in the noodles.  After they’re all stuck, funnel them back into the bowl to get rid of the loose ones.

more-noodles-to-glueWe used both white card stock and some previously water colored paper.  I don’t know which I like better?

sharpieMake sure to sign your work.


Easter Wreath

This wonderful book will never fall void.  Therefore I MUST put these pages to use.

This wonderful book will never fall void. Therefore I MUST put these pages to use.

Cut out a circle using a small plate as template.  I covered it with the bible pages but I wouldn't recommend that because it wasn't as supportive as it needed to be.  And nothing on the cardboard shows.
Cut out a circle using a small plate as template. I covered it with the bible pages but I wouldn’t recommend that because it wasn’t as supportive as it needed to be. And nothing on the cardboard shows.

Curl your book pages in a cone shape.  Use hot glue gun to secure it in that shape.

Curl your book pages in a cone shape. Use hot glue gun to secure it in that shape.

Begin glueing cones around the circle.  Keep it nice and full.

Begin glueing cones around the circle. Keep it nice and full.

Keep going...

Keep going…

... and going...

… and going…

I glued a ribbon onto the back and it hangs wonderfully.  Mine's on our front door and even with all the rain, it's stayed wonderfully biblical.

I glued a ribbon onto the back and it hangs wonderfully. Mine’s on our front door and even with all the rain, it’s stayed happy!